Why OpslagBox Leeuwarden?

Your belongings are stored in a warm dry building secured with CCTV. You have acces from 6.00 am untill 23.00 pm.

Storage space from 1,5 m³ onwards

OpslagBox Leeuwarden has units from 1.3 m³ onwards available in all sizes. Your belongings are stored in a warm dry building secured with CCTV.

Storage space in Leeuwarden

We rent storage space for business and private use. Ideal when you need storage space for a short or long period.


Frequently asked questions


Can I rent a storage space at any time?
Yes, you can rent storage space any moment after you sign and receive  a contract.

Can a cancel my contract at any time?
Yes you can cancel at any time and we neither have a notice period nor a penalty.  Just notify us when you are planning to leave and your storage space is empty.

Is there a trailer available to borrow or rent?
Yes we offer a trailer with hood free of charge.

Are my/our belongings insured?
Yes your belongings are insured upto 2,000 euro.
For more information about insurance please contact your insurance company.

How does the payment work?
You can pay however you like. Although we prefer direct debit, cash payment is possible.

Do I need to show ID
Yes, OpslagBox Leeuwarden keeps a copy of your ID

At what times can I enter the Building to acces my unit?
You have acces to your unit from 6.00 am until 23.00 pm

Contact us

Contact information

OpslagBox Leeuwarden
Poolsterweg 10
8938 AN Leeuwarden

E-mail: info@opslagboxleeuwarden.nl
Phone: +31 58 700 9711
WhatsApp: +31 6 3097 4030