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Storage for business use

What can you store:

  • Archive storage, You can store it dry, secure and it is 24/7 accessible
    • You have to save your business administration for at least 7 years and we have storage boxes in different sizes
    • For certain professions you have to store your books outside the company and we have secured storage boxes 24/7 available
  • For business representatives, we offer controlled acces for your employees and suppliers
    • For your employees we have secured storage boxes in different sizes and they are 24/7 accessible
    • For your suppliers we can arrange acces by pincode or cell phone
  • Extra stock, We have storage boxes in different sizes, clean, safe and secured
    • Do you have (temporarily) overstock or extra stock you can use storage and change you box to a box with different size anytime you need
    • Storage boxes are daily cancellable, 7 days before you leave your storage box
  • Exhibition stands/material, We offer secure storage boxes in different sizes


You can always contact us when in doubt as to what you can or can’t store or if you have any question.

We are always delighted to advise or help you.

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